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run multiple queries in NiFi

run multiple queries in NiFi

New Contributor

Using Apache NiFi 1.3, running a ReplaceText-->spliteText--> PutHiveQL. I have a ReplaceText with Replacement Value running multiple querieswith semicolon at the end. Example:

LOAD DATA INPATH '/dataload/Depts/ISD/ProjectNova/CSVConvert_Success/SH_Plants.csv' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE projectnova.sh_plants_base;
LOAD DATA INPATH '/dataload/Depts/ISD/ProjectNova/CSVConvert_Success/SH_Weights.csv' OVERWRITE INTO TABLE projectnova.SH_Weights_base;

When it get to PutHiveQL process, it returns an error, "No Files Matching Path". It seems only pick up the one statement and then delete both files from HDFS. Therefore, cannot file the first file (sh_plants). See attached images of flow and error message. Please advise!

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