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sandbox enviornment fail to start all services post setup of kerberoes


While working on enabling kerberoes setup on SandBox latest version - App TimeLine Server fails to start with the below error

Attached is the complete error log

sandbox-app-timeline-error.txtresource_management.libraries.providers.hdfs_resource.WebHDFSCallException: Execution of 'curl -sS -L -w '%{http_code}' -X PUT --negotiate -u : ''' returned status_code=403. { "RemoteException": { "exception": "AccessControlException", "javaClassName": "", "message": "Permission denied. user=dr.who is not the owner of inode=done" } }



Heya @Ahshan MD

The current version of the HDP sandbox was not configured for straight out-of-the-box Kerberos use - just as a heads up. There may need to be some tender loving care put in to set up all of the . This 'security' track would be a good place to start, along with maybe these docs:

If you get things going I'd be very interested in learning how it went.

New Contributor

I hit the same wall.

Did you pass this point?

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