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search pyspark.sql functions in command line

New Contributor


New to spark.

Downloaded the HDP Sandbox and playing with the Pyspark API.

I cannot find an easy way to search for say functions in the Pyspark.sql module (similar to man pages in Unix).

I tried using the built in help() but it is very difficult to search using the vi syntax as you need to know exactly the function name to look for.

Example if I am trying to search for "datediff" function in the Pyspark.sql functions then I can call the help() from pyspark and search for "/datediff" .

I need a way to search the documentation from the command line where I can do a key work search like "date difference" instead of searching for the exact "datediff" function name.

I can google the API documentation but I am looking for explicitly searching the inbuilt Pyspark documentation.

Anyhelp is appreciated.