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sentry HA feature for cdh5.5.0

sentry HA feature for cdh5.5.0

New Contributor

Hi Guys,


Do you have any plan to release new sentry version for cdh5.5.0?

Now I want to use HA feature, but it is broken in cdh5.5.0.


Can I use the sentry-1.5.1-cdh5.7.0.tar.gz version for cdh5.5.0?


Thank you.


Re: sentry HA feature for cdh5.5.0




Please refer to:


Support for complete Sentry HA will arrive in a future CDH release (no ETA as of this post's date). There are still some critical tests required to ensure it works well with other HA components such as HMS HA, etc., before it can be added as part of a stable CDH solution.