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sentry hdfs-sync and sentry admin user does not have read-excecute permissions

New Contributor

iIn the presence of HDFS-SYNC,

It seems that adding my user to sentry admin group allow that user to read hdfs files in the hive warehouse.

But calling FileInputFormat.getSplits() seems to fail with read-execute permission failure.

1. is it true that by adding a user to the sentry admin group  Sentry allows that user to read the file in the warehouse?

2. if true does that user have execute priviliges on the file.

(It seems that getSplits() uses FileSystem.listStatus() and that gets the AccessControlException.)



hive roles does not sync up with the hdfs file permission.

However you can query the table data using hive queries ,but you cant perform cat command on the hdfs using fs shell command on the same underlying table data.

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