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service cloudera-scm-server-db


service cloudera-scm-server-db

New Contributor

While uprgading, I am tryin to shut down the embeded pgswl

server service cloudera-scm-server-db  stop


waiting for server to shut down............................................................... failed
pg_ctl: server does not shut down


I dont want to shutdown directly pg_ctl as it will any implications on hive ? 


Can anyon help on how to proceed. 




Re: service cloudera-scm-server-db

Expert Contributor



This generally means that you've left running some application that continues to hold open connection to a database in that
postgres instance. Postgres, at this point, is in smart shutdown mode waiting for all pending connections to be dropped, and
during this time it will not allow any new connections.


The proper way to work through this is to use the Cloudera Manager UI to send Stop commands to any service still running; these
would most likely be Management Services or the Hive Metastore.


If you cannot start Cloudera Manager Server, then you may have to settle for finding the processes still holding connections and 
manually kill them so they release connections to the postgres database.


For your next upgrade, be sure to follow upgrade documentation that reminds to shut down any service that uses the database
provided by cloudera-scm-server-db. And, also please be aware that the cloudera-scm-server-db is not recommended for 
*any* production usage, but rather only demo/test work.





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