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services distribution to masters


hi, I setup a demo cluster for testing and I would like to ask if this configuration-distribution of services is ok

consists of 4 master nodes and 10 slaves

namenode--> namenode, zookeeper, accumulo master,GC, Monitor, Tracer, atlas, kafka, knox, activity analyzer, activity explorer, hst , spark history, spark2 history, zeppelin

hbasemaster--> hive metastore, webhcat, hiveserver2, hbase master, oozie, zookeeper, falcon

resourcemanager--> snamenode, app timeline, resourcemanager, history server, zookeeper, dprc, nimbus, storm

ambari--> ambari, zookeeper, infra solr, metrics collector, grafana

do you have any suggestions ?

thank you


Super Mentor

@Bill Ferris

Hortonworks recommends separating master and slave nodes because:

  • Task/application workloads on the slave nodes should be isolated from the masters.
  • Slaves nodes are frequently decommissioned for maintenance.

Please see:

Your "namenode" host seems to be having many components. So i guess that host will have enough resources specially RAM.


Following link provides some very useful "Cluster Planning" recommendations:


I am aware of these docs, if you have 3 servers and 1 less powered server, I started the installation through ambari guide and asks for distribution of many services to master nodes. do you think that there will be a problem ?