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setup a quick-dev environment of Metron

I am really new to this topic, I want to setup a quick-dev environment of Metron, and I am doing it on cloud instance. I would advice that you pay particular attention to the pre-requisites, since Metron is a tad bit picky with the version numbers.

I have few questions like,

1. What would be the input.?

2. what is the use of Maven here.?

3. what is the use of Maven here.?

4. how efficient it is in compare to full deployment ?

Thank you


Rising Star

Both the "Quick Dev" and "Full Dev" environments deploy Bro and Snort as sources of telemetry. You should see this telemetry being captured by Metron when you launch either of those platforms.

Obviously, running all of the tools for Metron on a single VM is extremely limiting and is intended only for development purposes. You need to run the VM on a host with between 8 and 16 GB of RAM, at least, and also have some patience. This is a very different experience from running Metron on a real cluster.

Thank you sir for the response. I have seen the documentation for the Quick Dev environment but I did not see anything about Bro and snort. Also about the machine, I have created an cloud Ubuntu instance with

Flavor m1.xlarge


Disk 80GB

and as mentioned in the quick dev documentation I have installed the the basics requirements with the appropriate version. But for me the picture is still unclear about how can I make it run?