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[%sh wget] isn't working.

New Contributor

I'm learning with tutorial Hands-on Tour Of Apache Spark In 5 Minutes .

If I run

%sh wget

I get result

sh interpreter not found

Can anyone resolve this problem ?


Re: [%sh wget] isn't working.

Can you check for these two things

- if you see shell (sh) interpreter in the interpreter menu i.e. on http://zeppelin_host:zeppelin_port/#/interpreter

here is an example how it should look like.


- on the notebook on which you are trying to execute this command, can you check for the interpreter binding if it active or not.

Here is an example where it is disabled


Re: [%sh wget] isn't working.

New Contributor

@prabhjyot singh ,

In notebook's settings %sh is enable.

Here is the interpreter menu:


Re: [%sh wget] isn't working.


In the Notebook that you are trying to run the %sh command, click on the gear icon which will bring up the list of interpreter bindings. Verify that the %sh interpreter is selected and highlighted in blue.