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smartsense view doesn't work

I am trying to get smartsense view working but it fails because /api/v1/views/HORTONWORKS_SMARTSENSE/versions/ and /api/v1/views/HORTONWORKS_SMARTSENSE/versions/ return 500 errors.

Direct access to activity-analyzer and activity-explorer work fine.


Please see the below Smart Sense know issues:

Please see if these help

No, they do not help.


@Michael Salmon I can think for following possibilities that may result into this situations.

1. SmartSense HST server is down and needs to be started

2. The view config somehow is not pointing to correct HST server, if so that should be fixed through Ambari admin UI

3. Something else: Need to look into Ambari Server logs and hst server logs

1. Direct access works

2. View access works mostly, e.g. assets are fetched correctly. Only 2 uri's get 500.

3. I'll file a bug report

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