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some problems about configuration


some problems about configuration

New Contributor



Hi,i have some issue about my configuration . Wish someone to solve my problems ,thx


Recently(the day before yesterday), when i install CDH over , i go to CM -> hosts -> parcels . I saw somethings made me so confuse as below





When i install cloudera manager , i use parecls and here is my version 



I used parcels to install CDH ,the version i choose is CDH 5.12.0 . and my os is centos 7.3


I don't understand the problems are that version of these server (just likes here impala ,accumulo) not match centos 7.3 or other problems i don't know .


But i use the same way to install CDH before , never see these parcels problems until recently.


Can anyone help me plz........thx a lot