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spark2 release date?

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Do you have an estimate of when spark2 will no longer be a technical preview in HDP?



Re: spark2 release date?

Hi @Beau Piccart,

In theory, it should be late February with HDP 2.6. release.

Re: spark2 release date?


@Beau Piccart

We plan to make Spark 2.1 GA in HDP 2.6 release around March 2017 time frame.

Re: spark2 release date?

Is there any documentation about when and what is gonna be released on HDP 2.6 ? Which HBase version comes within it (1.3?) ? I didn't find anything about this subject.

Re: spark2 release date?


@David Hodeffi you can try HDP 2.6 today via Hortonworks Data Cloud for AWS. We published technical preview of HDP 2.6 as one of the cluster types. There will not be HBase 1.3 in this release, plan is to go to HBase 2.x in HDP 3.x sometime end of the year "everything is subject to change".