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split hourly data based on start and end time

New Contributor

Hi I need to have an   hourly status data  each patients based on their start and end time . here discharge order to discharge date time

For example in the screen shot below, I would like to have hourly row  in between disc_orderdt and discharge_date time

for first row patient i want is : each date should have  24 hours (0 to 23)

calendar date   hour   status 

2020/07/18       0          n/a

2020/07/18        1         n/a

2020/07/18       18        waiting

2020/07/18       19        waiting

2020/07/18        20       discharged

2020/07/18        21       n/a

2020/0718         23       n/a

 now second row....




 Please advise

Thank you