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sqoop installation in Multinode Cluster




I just started learning sqoop in pseudo mode , Now I am trying to install sqoop in multinode cluster for the testing purpose , I stuck in the middel please help me.


I have 4 nodes  - with YARN ,hdfs configuraton and all the dameons. 

Now  i install mysql in one node , i am sure when it is not a uber job it will spread across the nodes having said that how will access the mysql database that is installed in master node. 


Look into the few forums for making mysql accessible from the remote host. inspite of doing all the below 

still it says user@ does not have access to the host. 


1 . addedd the bind address in /mysql/my.cnf file

2 . gave all the privieges to user@ in mysql as root.

3. flushed privileges. 

4.all the other host have jdbc driver connections in the sqoop client.


is there any blog that gives a step by step installation sqoop in multinode cluster. 


host 1 has sqoop installed and mysql 

host 2  - i am executing the below 


sqoop list-tables \
--connect jdbc:mysql://MasterNode/movieData \
--username user1
--password  pass




i added the below in the my.cnf file 


bind-address   =

also gave the full privilege to the user. 


i am not sure which one solved the issue. but now i am able to login from remotely. 

i think mentioning is unsafe - because it will let all the ip-adr. 

please let me know your thoughts folks.