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starting hiveserver2 interactive process for LLAP

It seems that this process uses slider to start. Is there a way to start it without slider either from Ambari or the command line. why is there a slider dependency on this.


Master Collaborator

HiveServer Interactive deployment is a multi-step process, step one is the deployment of the LLAP daemons on YARN cluster through Slider and second step is the starting of the HiveServer2 talking to the LLAP daemons. Ambari currently exposes this as a one click process and internally handles both the above steps. HIVE-9883 added the support for deploying the LLAP daemons using Slider. The rationale is that Slider manages the lifecycle of the LLAP daemons helping install on the nodes and any other deployment complexity. I don't see any way to skip the LLAP daemon deployment without Slider.

Thank you for the detailed response. The reason for my questions was, it seems in this process of deploying and running LLAP, some zip files are generated and some custom zip input and output formats are being used to read these at runtime. Is this part of the standard process or you think this could have been streamlined and made more generic.

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