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status 'replication', 'sink' shows source cluster nodes

status 'replication', 'sink' shows source cluster nodes

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I tried to do hbase replication between two hbase clusters in AWS each having separate zookeeper cluster but with same znode name /hbase-unsecure..

I enabled replication for a table and index table.. i could see that they got replicated to target cluster..

but why does the status 'replication', 'sink' shows source cluster nodes..i expected to see the target nodes to which they are replicated..Please clarify




Re: status 'replication', 'sink' shows source cluster nodes

Sharing the version of HBase that you're using would be helpful to answer definitively.

Looking at recent source code, `status 'replication', 'sink'` is designed to print you the metrics about data being sent to any sink for replication. The nodes that data is sent to is not explicitly tracked (as HBase replication does not operate in this manner). Any RegionServer in the source cluster can send replication RPCs to any RegionServer in the sink (destination) cluster.

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