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tez job an a hive table


as i run a small query on a small table in hive the job is running for infinite time using tez engine. how to solve this?

all these days i had a problem of invoking the hive shell with tez, this has been reslved but now this new error has got appearing.


@pk reddy

Can you see multiple outputs?

Can you please provide logs?

Once you run a job in tez, the session/container with Application master will be there for sometime, that doesn't mean it's running all the time.


i am not getting the output atall.


tez.png this is the screenshot of the job, it has taken 100+ seconds already for a query on a 3 line table.

@pk reddy

Seems like it's unable to assign resources. Please check resource utilization.


tq for all the answers. i had allocated the resources according to the norms and was successful in launching the job.

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