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the user hive does not exist?

I am facing a problem using beeline to acces the hiveserver2.

i used git bash to ssh the sandbox in the virtuabox version hdp 2.5

When i type "sudo su hive", The shell display that the hive user does not exist.

any suggestion?




Re: the user hive does not exist?


the Sandbox in 2.5 is dockerized within a VM. You logged into a VM then you need to locate the docker container and there you will be able to login to Hive. Please review

Re: the user hive does not exist?

Thanks Artem for your response.

Few days before , i could do the same command as you can see the joined screen, using the same shell.

How can I locate the docker please?



Re: the user hive does not exist?

Cloudera Employee

To access the Docker shell from the Sandbox VM, use the following: ssh -p 2222 root@localhost

Default password is "hadoop".