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thrift file generation

thrift file generation

New Contributor

I finished setting up the compiler and thrift installation on the client server but am stuck on the following to get it working to use python scripts to access the hbase table.

Writing a .thrift file

After the Thrift compiler is installed you will need to create a thrift file. This file is an interface definitionmade up of thrift types and Services. The services you define in this file are implemented by the server and are called by any clients. The Thrift compiler is used to generate your Thrift File into source code which is used by the different client libraries and the server you write. To generate the source from a thrift file run

thrift --gen <language> <Thrift filename>

The sample tutorial.thrift file used for all the client and server tutorials can be found here.

I used the sample file and tried to execute the above: thrift --gen python tutorial.thrift

Could not find include file shared.thrift

[ERROR:/root/thrift/tutorial.thrift:126] (last token was 'shared.SharedService')
Service "shared.SharedService" has not been defined.

Not sure what to do next.

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