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unable to login in ambari

After i used the ip address and the port number following the hortonworks tutorial which brought me to hortonworks site i am not able to login into ambari using admin and admin as both username and password.


@Adedayo Adekeye

What is the Ambari version? Is it showing Ambari login page?

The attached file is the screen shot to the ambari site. thanks


@Adedayo Adekeye

Couple of things to check

1. Can you check if your iptables are running ? if so stop by running the command "service iptables stop"

2. is service is listening on 8080 port? check by running "nestat -anlp | grep 8080"

3. check /var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log for error messages

am not running this directly on my physical machine and using the virtual machine on azure

avatar imageAdedayo Adekeye

even on VM you can check those things.

@Adedayo Adekeye

first get the SSH access to the machine and try it out.

how can i get this instruction done on azure virtual machine because am completely new to this. thanks

Expert Contributor

@Adedayo Adekeye,

You can log into ambari as maria_dev with password maria_dev. Much of what you will do in the tutorials will use this login. The admin password has to be set by logging in to the shell as root and running /usr/sbin/ambari-admin-password-reset. You should have set the root password or key when you created the VM in azure.