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unsucesssful SSH after few mins in Sandbox: Resource temporarily unavailable

After loading the HDF 2.1 Docker in Vmware, I could successfully use SSH to connect from Windows 10 to VM:

ssh root@ -p 12222

now running the same command while VM is remained on cause an error:

ssh root@ -p 2222
ssh: connect to host port 2222: Resource temporarily unavailable

Rising Star

@Sadegh hello, can you please check the docker container status on the vmware machine? You can do this by logging into the virtual machine via the window that pops up in vmware with (root/hadoop) and doing a docker ps. It should show a running container. From there, try logging in from there ( with ssh root@localhost -p2222 ).

Yes, the problem was docker setting, I will fix it later. thanks for indication.