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updating hive table when ACID is off


Hello everyone ,

I have to update and maybe delete some rows in existing hive tables ( orc ) , unfortunately the update and delete operations are blocked by the datalake management team .

So , i would like to know if there is any way to do the update without direct acid operations




You can always create a new table based on a select that changes and removes the unwanted rows/data, and then rename the tables.


thx berry , I'am doing this actually , but i was wondering if there is other "clean" solutions .

Hi @Réda, unfortunately without the "transactional=true" there is no means to perform insert, update, or deletes on a Hive table. The good news is in HDP 3.0 due out mid-year, ACID will be the default for all Hive tables.

Obviously, I'd also question why the data lake team is blocking transactions. Many customer will allow for transactional tables at the very least in a staging area to handle CDC operations.

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