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upgrade hdf 3.3 to hdf 3.4

upgrade hdf 3.3 to hdf 3.4

Hi community,

I'm working on HDF 3.3 upgrade to HDF 3.4

I found the base URL to do this,

but I don't know what to do after.

associated with each component.

                  [root@skamig-vet001 etc]# hdf-select status | grep

nifi -

nifi-registry -

nifi-toolkit -

registry -

zookeeper-client -

zookeeper-server -

[root@host ~]# hdf-select set nifi
        [root@host ~]# hdf-select set registry
        [root@host ~]# hdf-select set streamline
        [root@host ~]# hdf-select set storm-nimbus
        [root@host ~]# hdf-select set storm-supervisor
        [root@host ~]# hdf-select set zookeeper-client

[root@skamig-vet001 ~]# hdf-select set nifi
ERROR: Invalid version

Valid choices:

Could someone explain me steps to do this ?


Re: upgrade hdf 3.3 to hdf 3.4

Super Mentor

@kailash salton

- Are you sure that on the host "skamig-vet001" you have installed any HDF "" binaries are installed?

- Do you see the "" directory inside the following path? Or you see only "" inside the mentioned PATH ?

# ls -lart /usr/hdf/

- If any binary from version is installed on this host then you might see that path "/usr/hdf/". Can you please share the output of the following and above commands ?

# grep '' /var/log/yum.log
# grep 'nifi' /var/log/yum.log


Re: upgrade hdf 3.3 to hdf 3.4

Hi @Jay Kumar SenSharma

thanks for your answer. No I have only the

I am trying to find how to update up to

I created this file :

name=HDF - HDF-HDF_3.4.0.0

but after I don't know what to do (sorry I am new Horton user)