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vmdk file error with vmware 5.5


vmdk file error with vmware 5.5

New Contributor

I am trying to install it on a vmware appliance v5.5 (not a workstation)  but it does not like the vmdk file.


I downloaded CDH 5.5 it from here


are there any special instructions when using full vmware instead of vmware workstation?

I downloaded and unzipped the image on a win 7 machine.


Re: vmdk file error with vmware 5.5

Master Collaborator
Not sure what VMware product you're referring to, but I do know people have
tried to use it on ESX and have had problems converting it to an
ESX-friendly format, and I don't know of a good solution. It's usually
tested on VMware Workstation, Player and Fusion (the versions that are
expected to work are documented here:

The "kvm" image contains a QCOW2 disk image which might be more universal
but again, this is not something I've done on other VMware products so I
don't know. It also does not contain the VMware Guest Additions like the
VMware image does.