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what data flow or processor should I use Convert JSON to CEF log file in nifi


I need some help in Nifi, please

I have bunch of logs that are in JSON format but I need it in CEF format.what processor should I use in nifi?


is there anything else I can do as changing the format from json to csv to cef,?

what are my best options

Thank you


Hi @Suhas Fox

I am not aware of any processor to write CEF. There's a ParseCEF but it's not what you are looking for. Since your data is json, you can try to write your CEF event using the json indexation like this "$.header_version | $.header_deviceVendor | etc"

This assumes that your JSON has fields named header_version, header_deviceVendor, etc


Hey Abdelkrim,

Thanks for your response, I have tried the indexation like this "$.header_version | $.header_deviceVendor | etc" but there are bunch of logs with different headers, Some headers are Identical but some are different. I just don't want null values.