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what is the Governance model in Atlas ? How can we use that in Atlas ?


Hi Team,

Can you please explain what is the Governance model in Atlas ? How can we use that in Atlas ?

Thansk in advance..!!!


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Atlas provides governance by plugging into the various services inside of the Hortonworks Data Platform and tracking things like lineage, tags applied, and metadata about objects in those services. Additionally it provides an API by which you can create custom objects, relationships between those objects, and much more. This gives you the ability to track not only business metadata but operational data as well, which means things like task scheduling/results.

To get more information please refer to our Atlas documentation:

High level overview:

Detailed documentation:

Architectural components of Atlas:


@anarasimham Thanks for Quick response..!!!

I created json code for Atlas UI with different entities

I need to update this entities with values

Example ...In hive what and all columns i updated , Its reflecting in Atlas UI
Like that i had governance information in Hive tables , I need to update same in Atlas Ui

How to update that information Automatically when hive table information get updates ?

As of my knowledge we have 2 ways to update
1.Atlas Hook (Kafka Topic)
2.API Calls

We don't have kafka in my project , They are using API Calls for existing hive tables
how to see that API Calls functionality and how can i use for my new table ?

Thanks in advance..!!!

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@Satya Nittala

The Atlas API functionality is documented here:

I've used it before and it is straightforward to get started with. You can also refer to the following GitHub repo for many examples:

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