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what is the procedure when kafka disk crashed


what is the procedure when kafka disk crashed

hi all

we have 3 kafka machine in the HDP cluster

each kafka machine have disk with 18T

the last kafka machines loose the disk ( disk isn't healthy , and we need to replace it )

so we replaced the disk , and we create again the file-system on it and create again the topics

but - as all know before removing the kafka data from the topics , we need to delete all topics in the /var/kafka-kafka-logs

and then it is safe to replace the disk

but this isn't the case because suddenly disk creased and we not deleted the topics

for now kafka broker service stooped after some time , and we think it is because the topics that are not removed before disk replacing

any suggesting regarding this case ?

example how to delete the topic - PlR_TGE_FDS ( that we not did ) , and another 23 topics that not deleted

/usr/hdp/current/kafka-broker/bin/ --zookeeper zookeper_server01:2181 --delete --topic PlR_TGE_FDS


Re: what is the procedure when kafka disk crashed

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