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when will hdp come with a new version of phoenix?


right now the latest hdp's phoenix version is 4.7 which is really too old to use .phoenix 4.7 is not even support spark2 DataFrame operation and also big improvements made since phoenix 4.10. wondering when the new hdp come with an up to date phoenix?


Super Collaborator

Actually, Phoenix 4.7 which is shipped with current versions of HDP supports both Spark and Spark2.

Since HDP-2.6.2 to be specific, IIRC


Valid question though, any idea when you're going to move up to 4.8, 4.9, 4.10, or 4.11?

Super Collaborator

we are planning Phoenix 5.0 in a future HDP release. For detailed timeline/roadmap,please work with your acct team