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where can i get a copy of DISTCP2

New Contributor

I've got HDP 2.6 installed and i see a bit of documentation on DISTCP2 being able to copy inter-cluster.

I hear Falcon's falling out of favor and I want to use DISTCP2.

Where can I download the JAR/Package/Source/whatever for it?


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@James Liu - distcp2 is the default with Mapreduce2. It is not called distcp2, but just distcp.

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Distcp2 is the default and only distcp available in MR2. The command 'hadoop distcp' in MR2 runs on distcp2 automatically.

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@James Liu

I believe HDP 2.X onwards, we have distcp2 by default in backend for hadoop distcp command.

Tagging HDFS engineers here just to confirm this thing.

@Arpit Agarwal @aengineer

Please correct my answer if needed or feel free to add anything which is missing.

Expert Contributor

I'm running CDH 6.3 ( Hadoop 3.0.0 and MR2 ).   If what you are saying is true, then shouldn't I be able to pass the "-direct" option to my hadoop distcp commands?   Currently it fails to recognize this command line option, which tells me distcp2 isn't being used.

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Answered my own question.  I mistakingly thought distcp2 supported the -direct copy option but it does not.