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where clause not working with rand()


where clause not working with rand()

New Contributor

I have a query as simple as this in Impala:

with query1 as (
select user_id, cast (rand() as float) as random1
 from master_table where dt='2015-12-17' 
select * from query1 

0	A60028682230369691	  0.00047147460281848907
1	A60028682230362251	  0.58958953619003296
2	A60028682230777191	  0.44319009780883789

But when I add a where clause to compare value with the random1 column it doesn't work. For example:

select * from query1 where random1 < 0.2
Result: returns all rows
select * from query1 where random1 < 0
Result: returns 0 row (which is correct)

Tried all kinds of variations, including

- cast as float everywhere

- multiplying the rand() by 1000 and cast as int

- do the comparison and store true/false in the column in query1, and then select with where clause random1=true


none of the above can give me a portion of the data set. Am I missing something for this simple query? It's not about the randomness of the rand() but the use of the rand() result in a where clause.



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