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which is the best way to upgrade spark 1.3.0 to spark 1.4.0 using the image cloudera-quickstart-5.4.


Hi, i am learning the apache spark framework using the cloudera-quickstart-vm-5.4.2-0-virtualbox image. This image comes with apache spark 1.3.0 and

i spark 1.4.1 is already bundled to be used, so my question is:


which is the best way to upgrade this virtual box image to use spark 1.4.1?


sudo yum update and restarting the image?


Thanks in advance




Master Guru
CDH, as of 5.4.x currently provides only Spark 1.3 with it. Is there a feature of Spark 1.4 you are particularly interested in using?

You could also try waiting for CDH 5.5 which will ship with a higher version of Spark.