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which version is the best combination of RHEL and ambari to install?


@amcbarnet, I saw your details of install RHEL 6.3 and ambari 1.x/GA early, it was very good one, help so many people get started.

I wonder if you have installed OS, EC2 instance, ambari.repo version latelly. I installed HDP 2.4 last month, I erased it since mongodb sharding have issues. Unfortunately, I just could not repeat what I did in first place.

I noticed not all AMI/RHEL EC2 and ambari.repo can work together, they are kind of version combinations + AMI instance versions + instance type. dont know if you have agree the same.

please share these AWS AMI/RHEL EC2 compatible version info if you have install HDP on AWS recently.

Thank you so much.



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thank you, I already sent a mail to amcbarnett who is owner of the first link to ask this question and I already talk to the guy who is owner of the second link. I followed the exactly RHEL 7.1 m4.large, and ambari 2.4.01 on AWS. somehow dont work for me, there are warnings on installation and ambari-metrics-collector never work.

Do you have any good combinations you have installed?

thank you so much for spending time for my question.