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write permission for group is not inheriting in hadoop using default acl


write permission for group is not inheriting in hadoop using default acl


created sale directory under / in hadoop (hdfs)
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -mkdir /sale
It got 755(rwxr-xr-x) permission as below
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -ls /
drwxr-xr-x - hdfs supergroup 0 2015-04-11 18:12 /sale
Now we are trying to set default acl, so that further directories created in sale directory inherit the acl permissions set on sale directory
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -setfacl -m default:user::rwx,default:group::rwx,default:other::--- /sale
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -ls /
drwxr-xr-x+ - hdfs supergroup 0 2015-04-11 18:12 /sale
plus sign + denotes that default acl has been set on directory
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -getfacl /sale
file: /sale
owner: hdfs
group: supergroup
Now we are creating a directory under sale to check if the permission are getting inherited as set by setfacl command, but we are seeing that instead of 770(rwxrwx---) permission its getting set as 750(rwxr-x---). Means we are not able to set write permission on group level in hadoop
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -mkdir /sale/dir1
[hdfs@vm1 ~]$ hadoop fs -ls /sale/
drwxr-x---+ - hdfs supergroup 0 2015-04-11 18:19 /sale/dir1
The above scenario(default acl) is working fine on linux box. Is there any way to enable same on hadoop/hdfs ? We are using Cloudera Hadoop 5.2, Is there any configuration parameter we are missing to do this in Hadoop ?

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