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zookeeper and znode question


Just a basic question about zookeeper. I can see that zookeeper is providing coordination facilities for most of the components, such as kafka , namenode ,yarn, etc...

Does zookeeper knows about each service? Or Just a general responses to the request comes from client? Basically, does zookeeper care about the services?


@Anpan K

In short: All the services which are using zookeeper just the zookeeper clients and zookeeper will not have any context on the services.

New Contributor

Not at all like in standard record frameworks, every hub in a ZooKeeper namespace has information related with it. It resembles having a record framework that enables a document to likewise be a catalog. As far as I understand, ZooKeeper was intended to store coordination information: setup, status data, area data, etc., so the info kept at every hub is normally small - byte to kilobyte extend. We utilize the term Znode to clarify that we are discussing ZooKeeper information hubs. But how to create one?

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