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Automatic HUE role group associations.

Hey All,


If I have a user called bobv5.  User exists in LDAP.  This user wants access to HUE.  


When user attempts to login, HUE synchronizes the account from AD / Ldap to the local HUE instance, creates the corresponding user in HUE and allows user to login.


Let's say this user is part of an LDAP group called bigdata-operators.  We also create a specific group in HUE called bigdata-operator.


Is there a way to have bobv5 automatically associated with the bigdata-operators HUE role group based on bobv5's LDAP membership in bigdata-operators ?


Currently we have to manually associate each user to the proper role group in HUE.  We want this to be done automatically based on the group name.  Is this possible?  If yes, how?




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Re: Automatic HUE role group associations.

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Hi TomK, 


There are many options available to accomplish what you are lookng for.


Please see and review the link that I have provided below :