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Created Table with Hue is empty

Hello guys,


I face the following problem: Trying to create a hive table using Hue from a file in the HDFS and it appears to work fine, but the resulting table remains empty. Why isnt the data displayed in the table?

Strain1.pngtrain2.pngtrain3.pngee also the appended screenshots.


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Created Table with Hue is empty


Can you please confirm which version of CDH are you using? I can test and confirm the same from my lab.

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Re: Created Table with Hue is empty

Hi Rockem,


The issue you are facing is due to hdfs permission. By default with "Store in default location" checked during hive table creation through Hue, we are trying to move the data to '/user/hive/warehouse' directory. The user you logged in don't have permission to move data to '/user/hive/warehouse', so table is created successful but no data.


You can either grant the user with write permission to '/user/hive/warehouse' or uncheck the "Store in default location" checkbox so it creates external table without moving the file to '/user/hive/warehouse'. Then you will be abl e to see the data.


Hope this helps!