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HUE Ldap login fail



I have configured hue to integrate ldap login.

And suceeded 'Test LDAP Configuration' from Hue's Action Menu.

But When I try to login with ldap user on hue webui login I failed with 'incorrect username or password'.

What should I have to check ?  


And the login page does not display LDAP select box.

Just only displayed username and password box.



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Re: HUE Ldap login fail



Please share:

- your your LDAP configuration

- your runcpserver.log file that shows activity when you try to authenticate

- output from the Test LDAP configuration


That should get us started.

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Re: HUE Ldap login fail



Thank you for your feedback.


It was mistake inputting password.

Now solved the problem.


Sorry and Thank you again.