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HUE notebook: Impala snippets question

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I would like to ask you more about the HUE notebook and its functions.


When I am defining several Impala commands, is it possible to merge all these commands (they are ended by semicolon) into one snippet and then also run it once? As it is in Impala query editor in HUE.


The query which I have to run is quite long and instead of having just one snippet, I have to have eight or more of them.


I am using CDH 5.5.1.


Thank you for your response!

Václav Surovec

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Re: HUE notebook: Impala snippets question

It should work right now, but in upstream Hue or upcoming CDH5.7:

e.g. typing

show tables;
show databases

will print the tables, then DBs after clicking on next