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Hue Hive editor not giving result when using Email ID field in where clause

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Im using the below query, which is running fine in Beeline but not giving results in Hue Hive editor.


select * from tmp_stage.contact_final_test where email = ''; // Its coming as loading. It


Also, the below query  giving the result but not able to export the result to CSV or Excel in Hue Hive editor. I have tried by filtering with other fields whcih is exporitng the result but when using the below query, its getting timed out error.


select * from luck_contact where verity_contact.email_domain = '';


And, it is unable to use the basic CTAS queries in Hue Hive editor.


I have attached the error message for reference.


Early fix would be much appreciable.




Im using HDP 2.5 and Hue 3.12