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[Hue] Solr dashboard with autentication


I have created a dashboard on Hue with twitter-demo collection on Cloudera Search. I am experimenting to see if I can segregate access to collections as per user name.

I am able to create dashboards and in fact I see that Hue proxies the user to Solr, but on Hue I can access all the dashboard I create. 


Is it possible to limit access to users, provided their username or access level ? I want to find out if Hue+Search can be used for self-service BI, but I need to be able to differentiate access level.


Thanks, bye



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Re: [Hue] Solr dashboard with autentication

You can share dashboard to certain users or groups, with Read or Write
permissions. Check the 'Share' button on the list of Dashboards page
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Re: [Hue] Solr dashboard with autentication

Thank you Romain, didn't notice it.


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Re: [Hue] Solr dashboard with autentication

Hi Romain,


Even after sharing the created dashboard on one of the existing indexes, it is not visible to shared users as per the video(Hue is LDAP integrated).


Any comments?