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Hue support for tables with column level privileges

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In Sentry it is possible to grant access to a subset of the columns in a table to a group of users. Provided that the user has been granted access to the non-sensitive column pub, “SELECT pub FROM table_with_column_access” will work fine. However, e.g. “SELECT * FROM table_with_column_access” will fail in Hive and Impala if the user has not been granted access to read all columns in the table.


In Hue, no column names are shown in the query editors unless the user has select privileges for all columns in the table. If you have a table where only some of the columns are accessible, the message “The table has no columns” is shown together with a red box with an error message. This is a bit annoying as it is not easy to find out what columns that you are able to access.  


Are there any plans to improve the support in Hue for tables with column level privileges?


 I'm using CDH 5.8.3 and Hue 3.10.