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Oozie bundle error when trying to pass paramter value to coordinator name variable

Hi all,



I've created a single Oozie workflow using HUE that is uses a Sqoop action to import data from various DB's and various Schema's withiin a DB.



The workflow has several parameters so I can specify the approapriate connection, table, and select criteria at run time. I have also added a parameter tot eh workflow name which specifies the source table the Sqoop action is connecting to.



I have added the workflow to the generic coordinator that I use to pass the variables to the worflow.  And I have added a parameter to the coordinator name as well along the same lines as the workflow.  The coordiantor shows the source table that is being read.



What I am now trying to do is use a bundle to group several instrances of the coordinator together.  But I can't seem to pass a value to the coordinator.  I get an error "e1310: "Bundle" Job submission Error: [E1004: Expression language evaluation error, variable [VARIABLE_NAME] cannot be resolved]".



In the workflow I have a variable such as ${TABLE_NAME} in both the title of hte workflow and within the workflow actions (I specify the folder the data file will be written to using the same variable).  If I run the workflow, the parmater value appears where the variable is int eh workflow name.



In the coordinator, I have the saem set up, the tabel name variable (${TABLE_NAME} and the value is passed from the coordinator to the qworkflo and parameter value appears where the variable name is placed.



But if I try and add the coordinator to a bundle, with a variable in the workflow name, I get the error.  The variable can stil appear in the coordinator parameters, and hte varaibale can still appear in the workflow name, and the paramater values is passed from the bundle to the coordinator and on to the workflow. But if I add hte variable top the coordinator name, the bundle fails to initiate with the error "e1310: "Bundle" Job submission Error: [E1004: Expression language evaluation error, variable [VARIABLE_NAME] cannot be resolved]".



I ahve tried to search for a solution, even to understand how the variabels are passed from bundle to coordinator to workflow. But I haven't found anything useful yet.



Can anyone adevise me of a solution, or why this would not work.