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Progress and Duration not refreshing in Hue for workflows

We recently upgraded to CDH 5.13.3 (Hue 3.9.0+cdh5.13.3+7220 1.cdh5.13.3.p0.2 CDH 5.) 


Since doing so the when going into Hue > Job Browser > Workflows the progress and duration columns stay at 0 for the duration of the workflow. The only time it is anything other than 0 is after the workflow completes if we refresh the screen the progress jumps to 100% and the final duration is shown. 


When we click on the actual workflow and go to its page the progress and duration are listed acurately. When we go to the jobs tab and watch the individual jobs in the workflow their progress and durations update every 15 seconds. 


Why do those columns in the workflow tab not update?