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Question on Hue and CDH 5.8.3

We are using CDH 5.8.3.   According to the CDH 5.8.x Packaging and Tarball Information,


We should be using version 3.9 of Hue





Release notes



However, when I login to Hue, it shows version 3.10 of Hue.


Can someone help me understand why there seems to be a discrepancy between what version of Hue we are using, and what version is listed as bundled with CDH 5.8.3?


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Re: Question on Hue and CDH 5.8.3

Hi, relrod.


The package name indicates that you are using CDH 5.8.5. Hue 3.10 is packaged with CDH 5.8.x.


Hue 3.10 (in CDH 5.8.5) is based on Hue 3.9 + 2690 commits. You can see the exact list of commits in the change log:


If you are really using 5.8.3, then you have Hue 3.10 as well but it's Hue 3.9 + 2592 commits: