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create coordinator with file trigger using Hue

Hi guys,


I am working with cloudera and Hue for a few days for my job and want to create a Coordinator, which is triggered, when there is a new file in a specific folder.

I can create Coordinators with periodic frequencies, but not with event-triggers.

I want to create this Coordinator using the Hue User interface (so my workmates can use it, too), but I don't know how to configure it.

Can you explain to me, how to do this?


Btw: I tried to search for this, but I have found neither results answering my questions, nor good tutorials explaining everything from scratch.


Thanks for the help

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Re: create coordinator with file trigger using Hue

were you able to solve this? im looking for a way to do triggering (API call) on new register in an cloudera enviorment table.