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problem with HIVE


Hello everyone,


i am new to this forum i wish i can get the answer for my question 


i sqoop the tables from mysql to HIVE under this path 

/user/hive/warehouse/retail_db.db. tables are created under retail_db database , i am able to see these.


using Hive shell , i entered the command show tables 

 but i dont see these tables 

can any one help me with this 




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Re: problem with HIVE

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Try switching databases before asking for the tables list.


"use <databasename>;"

"show tables;"


My guess is that you are connected to the default database "default" and the "show tables;" command list the tables of that database and not yours.




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Re: problem with HIVE

i use the database name i ran show tables; command but no luck
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Re: problem with HIVE

Did you use the sqoop switches to move it into HDFS at that location or did you tell it to move it into hive, specific db, table, and schema mapping (if needed)?

My suspicion is that you just imported the data into the Hive warehouse directory in HDFS. Without the schema nothing will show up in Hive. You can create this manually now, no need to do it through sqoop since the data is already there.