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unload UDFs without hive restart

Good day,

are there ways to unload UDFs without restarting hive service?


  1. A new jar was added to folder (hive.reloadable.aux.jars.path).
  2. User created a temporary function in Hue Hive query UI.
  3. Function (jar) updated - class name is the same, jar file name is different.
  4. This updated jar is uploaded to folder (hive.reloadable.aux.jars.path).
  5. Hue Hive has the old (first one) UDF without added functionality.


Maybe there's a command to unload/purge/clean dynamic UDFs beeline or hue api?

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Re: unload UDFs without hive restart

Have you tried to DROP FUNCTION and then RELOAD to reload the new JAR file? And then re-CREATE the function to see if it will work?