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update beeswax_savedquery table in hue database

Hi , I have a situation . is it ok if i update beeswax_savedquery table in hue database.


a user now have a new id ,so he wants all the saved queries in old id to moved to new id .


can i follow this approach .


CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE tmptable SELECT * FROM table WHERE primarykey = 1;
UPDATE tmptable SET primarykey = 2 WHERE primarykey = 1;
INSERT INTO table SELECT * FROM tmptable WHERE primarykey = 2;


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Re: update beeswax_savedquery table in hue database

Hello, In CDH 5.8, queries can be exported from a user's home directory and imported to another users in JSON format. Steps bellow 1. Go to "my documents" on old user. (house icon) 2. Select the queries you would like to export. If they're in a folder, you can export the whole folder or use "cntrl click" to select multiple queries. Another option is to drag select them. 3. Click the "download" icon on the action bar at the top of the file browser. This will download the queries as a json file or multiple json files. 4. Log into the new account and go to "my documents" house icon. 5. Click the "upload" icon in the action bar. 6. Select a json file in the file browser. json files can only be uploaded one at a time. 7. Click import to finish the process.