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May 31st NY CUG: Building effective near-real-time analytics with Spark Streaming and Kudu

Date and Time: May 31st at 6pm

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The NY CUG is invited to a special meetup at the NY HUG!  This is your chance to ask deep technical questions and network with other users.


Spark Streaming allows developers to create streaming pipelines that harness the rich Spark API, and Kudu is a new storage layer that is able to capture the output of a stream in the same place that analytics users can then query that same data. Together these Hadoop ecosystem components allow for some exciting near-real-time analytics use cases. In this talk Cloudera will explore what is possible with this combination, how to efficiently develop these pipelines, and how to identify and avoid the pitfalls. This talk will be led by Jeremy Beard, Senior Solutions Architect at Cloudera.


Food & Refreshments Provided.