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Adding auxlib to hive server 2 using CM express 5.1.1

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We are trying to add aux jar (containing serdes and udfs) to our HIVESERVER 2 service. 
We are able to do that to a hive cli not running in server mode. We basically change the hive-site.xml to include our aux-jar using the CM. 
However this doesn't affect the Hiveserver2 service, despite the fact the service's hive-site.xml is configured properly 
As a workaround to this problem we had to change the script as follows:
Changing the last line there from 
exec $HIVE_HOME/bin/hive  --config $CONF_DIR --service "$@" 
exec $HIVE_HOME/bin/hive  --config $CONF_DIR --service "$@" --hiveconf hive.aux.jars.path=file:///....
Can CM add this configuration always to this line,
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